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NBL13: EduFeedr (#NBL13)

Länk till uppgiften: http://natbaseratlarande.se/nbl13-assignment-1/ (#NBL13)

Den här uppgiften handlar om Cynefin modellen och jag har massor att säga om den…


(Källa: ”The new dynamics of strategy: Sense-making in a complex and complicated world” by Cynthia Kurtz and Dave Snowden)

Men just nu testar jag funktionerna med EduFeedr för kursen Nätbaserat Lärande (#NBL13)

In order to start using the EduFeedr a course must be created by the teacher. The  students can use any blogging platform that they like. It is suggested to create a new  category for course related blog posts or a special blog for the course. Instead of  adding their blog addresses to the wiki page the students will submit their blogs on the  course page in EduFeedr. One of the complicated aspects of blog-based courses is connecting students’ blog  posts with the assignments. One approach is to connect blog posts with assignments  by the date when the post was published. This does not require any special input from  the student but unfortunately it would work only when all students submit their posts
in time. Another approach is to agree a special tag for each assignment. Our  experience with using tags shows that it is quite common to misspell or leave out the  tag. In EduFeedr scenarios we decided to use a third approach. Students are asked to include a link to the original assignment in their blog post. This is a common blogging  practice to refer to another blog. Course blog will receive a notification comment
using trackback or pingback method. EduFeedr can connect assignments with blog  posts based on these notifications.

(Källa: Conceptual Design of EduFeedr — an Educationally Enhanced Mash-up Tool for Agora Courses av Hans Põldoja och Mart Laanpere)


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